10 Gift Ideas for Women of the Resistance

Unless you’ve been living under a patriarchal rock, you’ve noticed that the current political climate has birthed more feminists than the last several decades combined. And for those who will inevitably cry “fake news!”, consider this: Merriam Webster just crowned “Feminism” as the word of the year. Turns out there’s been a 70% surge in lookups as compared to 2016.

Women are mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore. They marched on Washington, persisted despite being warned, demanded equal pay, grabbed back, got nasty, blew the whistle, and went to court. And—trust—this is just the beginning.

OK, but it’s the holidays—what do you buy for the angry feminists in your life? The answer is simple: anything that commemorates this epic moment in history or the soldiers before us who made it possible.

Here are some gift ideas for Women of the Resistance:

Women’s March on Washington Framed Print
To remind us that when we come together, things change.


Not Your Babe Tote
To ward off would-be predators—in the workplace, the gym, or at brunch.


Nasty Woman Framed Print

To reiterate that we’re willing to get nasty for the cause.


Women of Marvel 2018 Calendar

To start each day knowing that equality is a super power we deserve.


This Pussy Grabs Back Framed Print

To help us declare war on grabby little hands.


Boss Lady Change Purse
To let that barista know who’s really holding the purse.



Framed Portrait of Notorious RBG
To remind us that we have friends (like Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg) in high places.


To properly outfit the younger generation of angry feminists.

Rosie the Riveter Puzzle
To honor the women who greased the wheels before us.


 Angry Women Will Change the World Framed Print

To LOUDLY state our purpose as Women of the Resistance.


Feminism is not a fad, and it doesn’t espouse that women are superior beings. It’s simply one of the vehicles through which society will begin to right wrongs, recalibrate the scales of justice, and move toward a more equitable world.

And, all kidding aside, honoring Women of the Resistance with gifts that reflect your understanding of and support for their battle is priceless.

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