5 Crazy Cool Things You Didn’t Know About Lisa Frank

  1. All The Characters Have Names

Did you know that the colorful cast of characters that round out the Lisa Frank world all have names and backstories? It’s true! Most are named after people in founder Lisa’s life. For example, Hunter the rainbow leopard is named after her son. So is Forrest is the tiger, named after her other son. Who knew leopards and tigers could be brothers? In the Lisa Frank world, they can! Casey and Caymus are the golden retriever pups, named after the Frank family’s real-life pets! Remember the ballerina bunnies? Their names are Iris, Rose, and Lily. And don’t forget the famous unicorn — this character, who lives on Airfluff Island, is named Markie.

Hunter ’96


  1. The Lisa Frank Brand Wasn’t Born In The 90s

Did you know the Lisa Frank brand was founded in 1979? Yup, even though its aesthetic defined our lockers in the 90s, the Lisa Frank look predates that decade. Lisa Frank founded the company at only 24 and placed her first million dollar order — to Spencers, for stickers, at 25. By the time the 90s came around, these multicolored creatures were already making their way into hearts around the world. While the 90s was certainly their heyday, we’re now entering into a fourth decade of Lisa Frank!

Junk Food


  1. Mila Kunis Was The Face Of Lisa Frank

Proving that her It Girl status predates That 70s Show by a longshot, Mila Kunis’ Lisa Frank ads are instant portals into total nostalgia. Each one is a thirty-second window into the past, and in a denim bucket hat and pink lip gloss, baby Mila’s rabid excitement for the polychromatic product is still contagious. Long before she forgot Sarah Marshall or became a Bad Mom, Mila brought us the hyper-rainbow bedroom aesthetic that first got America obsessed.



  1. There Was Almost A Lisa Frank Theme Park

Imagine Disneyland on a color trip. That’s the vision that Lisa Frank had for her characters, once imagining a fullscale theme park that could be visited by Frankian fans. “If I could do anything, I think a theme park,” Lisa Frank told Urban Outfitters. “Because the world of Lisa Frank really is a world. And I think before I die, we should have that world someplace, not just on paper. I think that would be pretty awesome.” While the park never got further than wishful thinking, it can be assumed that it would have been located in the Frank headquarters of Tucson, Arizona. We’re still hoping someone makes it a reality — imagine the rainbow-swirled snacks and fantastic rides!

Brushstroke Lions


  1. There May Be An Upcoming Movie

Move over, Avatar, another kaleidoscopic world is coming to the big screen. Lisa Frank’s vision is leaping off of the two dimensional page and into the big leagues with a project announced in January. The company is in works with producer Jon Shestack, who’s known for films like “Before I Fall,” “Dan In Real Life,” and “Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past.” While it’s hard to imagine how this take on the psychedelia of Lisa Frank’s menagerie will come together, we’re in a golden age of both animation and special effects, so we’re sure the visuals will be out of this world.

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