5 Girl Power Pieces You Won’t Want To Protest

The uprising doesn’t stop during school hours! It’s time to get inspired and start this semester with more power than ever before. With these rebellious accessories for your locker or dorm room, you can tell the world what you’re about without saying a word. Channel your inner Wonder Woman with a caped mug, or become your own heroine with a motivational poster for your wall. It’s time to go forth and conquer, whether you’re at a protest or science class.


Make a statement without saying anything

Take charge with your favorite tote bag from this collection of everyday bags with an assortment of female-powered phrases. They’re the perfect way to carry whatever you have on you, be it lip gloss, mace, or your copy of The Handmaid’s Tale. (Feminist Tote Bag, This Pussy Grabs Back Tote Bag, Only Ruth Can Judge Me Tote Bag)

Feminist Girl Power Tote Bags
Tote your personal mantra along with you every day.


The accessories every shero needs

It’s easy to go from Diana Price to Wonder Woman with these incredible Amazonian-inspired accessories. You kick ass every day, so why not channel your alter ego with some new gear? Shop your faves and bring them back home to Themyscira. We’ve got hats, V-neck T-shirts, tote bags, mugs, and more.

If Wonder Woman couldn’t pack her Sword Of Athena, she’d go zor this.


Dream big, boss lady

Your desk simply isn’t complete until you have a way to start your day with some coffee and some girl power. This mug is the perfect way to envision the best version of yourself with every delicious sip.

Stay motivated with this mug, whether you’re already the boss or just on your way.


Channel strength with delicacy

Remind yourself every morning: females are strong as hell. Like tea, hot water only makes you stronger, so celebrate that strength every day with some dainty — yet badass — decor. The juxtaposition of delicate lettering and powerful words gives this print an infusion of your own indomitable personality.

This poster pays tribute to every woman who ever persisted.


Out-bench those gym bros

Don’t settle for being a #girlboss — be the boss at the gym, too! Dominate your workout, sweat out the negativity, and power up for the perfect day of acting like a lady in this tank. After all, ladies do deadlifts and skullcrushers, too.

Your new gym checklist: Water. Headphones. Badass feminist tank top.


Celebrating girl power starts anywhere you want. Whether you need a new tote bag or just want to rock an awesome tank, you can stand up for what you believe in while looking totally cool. After all, why wear a plain tee when your opinions are anything but ordinary?

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