5 Things That Are Tripping Us Out About the 2017 MTV VMAs

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Brace for impact. Katy Perry is hosting the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) Sunday, August 27th. Apparently, she’s been “group texting” with astronaut Buzz Aldrin and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. So, we’re expecting an epic and ostensibly “out of this world” intro performance.

But, let’s be real, many of us will be watching for the “shade” meteors. You know, the awkward encounters, ex-run ins and brush offs that give Bravo’s Andy Cohen a run for his money.

Like what? Here’s some of the potential drama that has us chewing our fingernails off.


    1. Will there be bad blood between P!NK and Katy Perry?


If you missed it, radio station KISS FM recently asked P!nk whose side she was taking in the long-running, drama-filled Katy Perry vs. Taylor Swift feud. She chose…T-Swift. Really, there’s no way she could win with that question.

But since Perry’s hosting the VMAs this year, does that mean she’ll be the one to present P!nk with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award? If so, things could get just a little bit weird.


      1. Is Taylor Swift even going to be there?
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 Swift is nominated for Best Collaboration with Zayn for a song on the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack. That’s hardly reason to get out of bed. Plus, there’s the whole feud with Katy Perry. Not to mention the fact that Perry and Swift’s ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris are also nominated for a collaboration in THE SAME CATEGORY. That could make for a really tense, venom-filled stare-down.

However, since we’ve come to expect extreme shock value from the VMAs, here’s an alternate theory. If you’ve been paying attention, Swift recently went dark on social media and then posted a cryptic video of a snake. She’s also rumored to be sitting on a new album.

So, what if Swift and Perry bust out in space suits—TOGETHER—for the intro performance? The promos talk about the show eclipsing history. Hmmm.


      1. Is the awkwardness going to be off the charts?

You don’t know when it’s going to happen—but it will. Just like the sun will rise the day after the awards ceremony and you’ll wish you hadn’t played that VMA drinking game on a Sunday night.

It’s that moment when the cameraman pans over to Justin Timberlake during the Madonna/Britney kiss, Kanye crashes Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech or Rihanna dodges Drake’s open-mouthed smooch. Let’s call it “cringe-worthy.”

And, this says nothing of what happens out of camera view. Will John Mayer (who allegedly dated Perry and Swift) and Orlando Bloom (who is currently dating Perry) sweat each other back stage? Will weirdness between Kanye and Jay-Z end in a public beef at an after party? Will Lady Gaga be wearing beef? That’s unrelated, really.

The point is, watch for the subtle nuances amongst the blatant eye stabs. There will be many. At times, you’ll be able to cut the tension with a knife—like that one Taylor slashes stuff with in the Blank Space video.


      1. Will Kendrick Lamar light the VMAs on fire?
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Every year, one uber talented artist cleans VMA house. Last year, it was Beyoncé . She took home eight awards in one night and now holds the record for most VMA wins of all time: 24.

This year, the dude with the most nods for HUMBLE., also happens to have the best-selling album of the year. However, we’re trying to figure out how his lyrics are going to make it past the sensor police. Can we expect a bunch of bleeps or an alternate version of HUMBLE.?

Either way, Kendrick Lamar, who frequently refers to himself as “the best rapper of all time,” is going to be a big player at this year’s awards. And, that probably won’t make Kanye very happy.


      1. Wait, why wasn’t Despacito nominated?
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It’s the first mostly Spanish song to top the Hot 100 list since Macarena in 1996 (just try to get that out of your head now). It’s also YouTube’s most viewed video of all time. Luis Fonsi and Daddy’s Despacito was the break-out hit of the summer.

So why isn’t it up for a VMA? The official answer: It was never submitted.

Apparently, the hit song’s video has not aired on MTV or MTV2, but is being played on MTV Tres, the company’s Latin channel. The original song was released in January and it was only later when Justin Bieber appeared on its remix that it soared to number one in the U.S. And, the remix doesn’t have an official video. Therein lies the rub.

But don’t despair. According to MTV, Despacito the song—not the video—will be acknowledged at the VMAs as a nominee in its Song of the Summer category. So, really, no need for Bieber to say “Sorry.”


Can you see why we’re a bit twisted? This is going to be an epic night of entertainment and high drama. Get your viewing party on!


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