12 Examples of Abstract Photography as Art

So Gentle, So Furious abstract waves photo by Ursula Abresch

So Gentle, So Furious

Abstract photography is a branch of fine art photography extending the functionality of cameras beyond mere snapshots. By adjusting shutter speeds and aperture f-stop settings, it’s possible for a photographer to transform their treasured camera into a paintbrush. This requires a tremendous amount of imagination and attention because the person capturing the picture must mentally visualize the end-result and then figure out how to portray abstract happenings in the moment. It’s a skill honed by experienced, crafty photographers.

That’s why we are proud to present this collection of fine art abstract photography posters, showcasing artwork from skilled photographers. Like Jackson Pollock and Kandinsky, these photographic artists exceed the limitations of their craft in order to achieve their visual goal. Providing viewers an opportunity to witness superb photo art. Scroll through the next set of pages and become amazed by the artistic flair possible with photography.

 Dream In Blue

Dream in Blue abstract waterscape photo by Philippe Sainte Laudy

“Dream in Blue” Water Landscape Abstract Photo

Philippe Sainte-Laudy

Great Cone of the Cal

Urban abstract photo of Auvergne Region, Great Cone of the Cal, France by Walter Bibikow

“France, Auvergne Region, St-Ours Les Roches, Vulcania European Volcanic Park, Great Cone of the Cal” Urban Abstract Photograph

Walter Bibikow

An Autumn Song

An Autumn Song abstract botanical tree photo by Ursula Abresch

“An Autumn Song” Abstract Botanical Photography

Ursula Abresch


Lindisfarne abstract sky photography by Doug Chinnery

“Lindisfarne” Abstract Sky Photo

Doug Chinnery


Tulips abstract floral photography by Howard Ruby

“Tulips” Abstract Floral Photography

Howard Ruby

Black Smoke Abstract Square

Black Smoke Abstract Square abstract smoke photography by GI Artlab

“Black Smoke Abstract Square” Abstract Smoke Photo

GI ArtLab


Dandelion abstract botanical photo by Christopher Talbot

“Dandelion” Abstract Botanical Photography

Christopher Talbot Frank

Ice Forms Abstract Patterns and Colors on Shoreline, Lake Superior, Minnesota, USA

Ice abstract water photo of Lake Superior, Minnesota by Richard Hamilton Smith

Ice Forms Abstract Patterns and Colors on Shoreline, Lake Superior, Minnesota, USA

Richard Hamilton Smith

Reflection of Boat Masts in a Lake

Abstract water photo of lake by Claire Morgan

Reflection of Boat Masts in a Lake

Claire Morgan


Dynavee abstract photo of lights by Fabio Panichi


Fabio Panichi

Looking for More Abstract Photography?

Grass blade abstract botanical photo by Ursula Abresch


Ursula Abresch

These 12 displays of abstract photography posters represent a mere fraction of the amount of artwork available to purchase on Allposters.com. If you want to search for more Abstract Photo posters, you can click here to browse our collection.

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