The Famous Roles of Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman was a famous actor who portrayed protagonists and antagonists throughout various Hollywood hits and oftentimes excelled in his roles. Critics, directors and moviegoers adored his theatrical capabilities. As people across the globe memorialized their favorite Alan Rickman moments in cinema, we focused on the most popular character roles (and movies) that brought the actor to fame.

Die Hard

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Alan Rickman’s most infamous role was playing the character of John McClane’s archnemesis Hans Gruber. John McTiernan, the director of the first Die Hard film, commented: “He had a gift for playing terrifying people.”

Harry Potter

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Fans of the Harry Potter series remembered Alan Rickman as being the character Severus Snape instead of as a mere actor dressed in a black cape and playing the role. J.K. Rowling personally chose the actor to portray Severus and she relayed secrets about his backstory years before it was revealed to audiences. Rickman’s superb acting prowess channeled a deep characterization of the antihero figure, making Snape one of the most beloved characters in the final film of the series. The actor received several awards nominations during his tenure in the Harry Potter movie series. In 2011, Alan Rickman was elected the best character portrayal in all the films.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

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In this romantic adaption of the English folklore, Alan Rickman portrays the cruel Sheriff of Nottingham. Notable film critics Roger Ebert, Vince Canby and Lanre Bakare praises Rickman’s performance in the movie. Other publications agree that the actor’s fantastic acting abilities make him shine in this cinematic flick.

The BAFTA awarded him “Best Actor in a Supporting Role.”

Galaxy Quest

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Playing the character of Alexander Dane provided Alan Rickman with an opportunity to play a comedic role. Most moviegoers enjoyed the portrayal of the character, who in the film suffered the effects of being a typecast science fiction actor.

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