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Amalfi Italia Campania Italy Amalfi Coast image Italian coastline by Mario Borgoni

Amalfi Italia – Campania, Italy

What and where is the Amalfi Coast? It’s an Italian coastline at the southern edge of the country, facing the Mediterranean Sea. The shoreline consists of an amalgamation of coastal towns, the most famous being the town of “Amalfi” that’s responsible for the naming of the region. Tourists from all over the world flock to this cultural region to hike on beautiful mountainous trails, witness historical monuments and get a taste of the splendor of nature. 

Explore one of the world’s most magnificent regions with amazing Amalfi Coast pictures. Learn interesting facts about this interesting Italian location.

Summer Evening in Amalfi art print of Amalfi coast town on the italian coastline painting by kirilstanchev

Summer Evening in Amalfi

Popular Amalfi Coast towns are Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano and Ravello but other places include: Praiano, Minori, Massa Lubrense, Furore and Nocelle.

View of the Amalfi Coast Italian coastline from Ravello photo by Charles Bowman Rufolo

Rufolo View, Ravello, Amalfi Coast, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Campania, Italy, Europe

American poet Henry Longfellow arrived in 1869 and wrote a poem titled Amalfi in 1875 dedicated to his travel experiences along the shoreline.

Amalfi urban picture of Amalfi Alley

Alley Amalfi

The Amalfi Coast was the first location in Europe to produce contemporary paper, an historic tradition that continues today. The Amatruda paper mill remains as the only handmade production facility still operating on the Amalfi Coast.

Photo - town View of Amalfi Coast Italian coastline from Positano

Town View, Positano, Italy

UNESCO designated the Amalfi Coast as a heritage site due to its tremendous beauty, its historical evolution and Mediterranean cultural significance.

Duomo Cathedral of St. Andrew (Cattedrale Sant Andrea) in Amalfi landmark photo

Steps Up to the Duomo Cattedrale Sant’ Andrea in Amalfi

The most popular landmark in the town of Amalfi, St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Piazza del Duomo is famous for its black and white striped archways and exquisite mosaic work. It’s been rebuilt plenty of times, with the last remodel being in the 19th century in which the building received its unique Arabic-Norman architectural style.

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Seascape photo image of the town of Amalfi along the Amalfi Coast Italian coastline

The Town of Amalfi, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Campania, Italy, Europe

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