American Horror Story: Freak Show Inspired Poster Art

American Horror Story: Freak Show exclusive poster artwork

Freak Show

Horror is a genre rarely suitable for television. It’s usually people re-telling their scary encounters with ghosts, aliens, werewolves and other supernatural entities on shows that air dramatic reenactments. Or TV anthologies that cycle through weekly plots.

The American Horror Story series closely follows the same cyclical format, but extends it across an entire season. Instead of showcasing a different story every week, the show features a distinct storyline per season. Season 1, “Murder House,” tells the story of a family surviving the tortuous ghosts of previous tenants that previously inhabited the family’s residential home and now haunt the property. Season 2, “Asylum,” follows the doctors and patients of the Briarcliff Mental Institution and their adventures in experimentation of scientific and supernatural endeavors, which include demonic possession and alien abductions. Season 3, “Coven,” highlights the pursuit of a trio of witches to destroy their enemies. Season 4, “Freak Show,” takes place in 1952 Florida and describes the discrimination facing “freaks” inside one of the last freak show circuses in the country. As episodes unfold, it’s clear that multiple dark presences have sinister motives for the “freaks.” The series has earned numerous entertainment nominations and awards.

American Horror: Freak Show represents the latest installment of the series. At you can explore exclusive artwork that’s inspired by the show, created by our designer. You can browse our gallery to discover more American Horror Story posters or you can explore our exclusive set of posters below.

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