Keep Out! Five Awesome Alternative “Do Not Disturb” Door Posters

"Gamer at Work" video game door poster

“Gaming Keep Out” at

Sometimes a simple “Do Not Disturb” sign doesn’t provide enough of a clue to stay out of your space. Luckily for you, door posters are the perfect solution to send that subtle hint. They’re large and bold enough for any trespasser to notice. 

We have curated the top five door posters that will nudge a hint to any space invader. Browse the next set of pages to discover artwork that will prevent unwanted intrusion into your room(s).

Gaming “Keep Out” Poster


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“Killing Enemies”

“Beating Bosses”

“Stealing Cars”

“Saving the World”

Keep Out! Gamer at Work! This door poster sends the message loud and clear that you’re busy “working.”

Darth Maul – Star Wars

Darth Maul Star Wars movie door poster

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What unfortunate soul would dare resist a Sith Lord? Send the hint that an unfavorable outcome awaits interlopers who are foolish enough to brave past your door without permission—unless they’re able to wield a light-saber and don’t mind losing an arm. 

Smiley Tribes

Smiley Tribes wink door poster artwork

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Maybe you want to send a funny hint to a possible intruder. A smile and a wink should proclaim enough of a subtle message to make anyone think twice about pushing your door open. If the so-called innocent trespasser insists, then the door poster displayed on the next page should stop them from walking in…

Muhammad Ali vs. Liston

Muhammad Ali versus Liston boxing door poster

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Sting like a bee! There are moments when aggression is a necessary reminder for people to “stay out!” This door poster of Muhammad Ali knocking down Liston provides the perfect boxing imagery to transmit the hint.

Dalek – Doctor Who

Doctor Who Dalek

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“Exterminate!” The mere mention of that robotic word sends a cold shiver from the shoulders down to the toes. The prospect of a laser vaporizing a person’s body should give anyone pause whenever someone views this Dalek poster hanging on your door. 

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