10 Awesome Halloween T-Shirts As Costumes

Halloween costume tee skeleton double-sided apparel shirt

Are you still shopping for a Halloween costume? Looking to save money as well? Try wearing a costume tee instead! They’re easy to slip into, perfect for wearing to parties and you’ll still appear ghoulish enough for that October 31st celebration you’re eyeing. Here’s a list of the 10 best shirts to consider wearing. Order as soon as possible because the end is nearly here—the end of October that is!

 Zombie Bride Costume Tee

Zombie bride double-sided white bloody red t-shirt costume tee


Zombies are the New Orange.

Skeleton Costume Tee (Long Sleeve, Double-sided)

Long sleeve double-sided skeleton costume tee for Halloween

You can never go wrong with Classic Halloween Attire.

Marvel Comics Deadpool Halloween Tee

Marvel Comics Deadpool red and black sublimated Halloween costume tee

Dress up as the world’s favorite mutant ninja non-turtle.

Wanna Glow in the Dark?

Halloween Zip Hoodie skeleton costume double-sided

When the lights go out, become the center of attention. Or perform an epic prank!

Tuxedo Tee

Classy fancy tuxedo Halloween costume tee

Keep it classy this Halloween! This slim-fit attire will make you appear fancy and “clean” all night long!

Iron Man Suit

Iron Man Tony Stark red and yellow suit Halloween costume tee

Save the night! Dress like an Avenger superhero.

Biker With Tattoos

Biker costume tee with long mesh sleeves and leather coat appearance and double-sided, costume tee shirt for Halloween

No need for real tattoos this Halloween.


Spock Star Trek light-blue Halloween costume tee with a symbol of the USS Enterprise, Star Trek: TOS

Gives you an excuse to perform a Vulcan mind meld.

Marty McFly from “Back to the Future”

Marty McFly vest costume tee from Back to the Future for Halloween Day


Now you can be a McFly too! Just in time to save time.


Fancy blue, white and gold pirate theme Halloween costume tee


More Halloween Tees!

Marvel Comics Captain America costume for Halloween adult onesie

There are more Halloween costume tees to choose. Don’t wait or it will be too late to order—start browsing today and choose the right attire for your Halloween night.

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