5 Awkward Moments As Told Through Old-School Photos

Black and white photos may be a thing of the past, but these awkward moments aren’t. Here are 5 awkward moments you (and this grandma) can relate to: 


Boy kissing girl while other girl looks jealous

1) When your summer love finds a new fling.
So THAT’S what “forever” means to you?!


Guy accidentally kisses dude

2) When you go in for a kiss with someone who just wanted a hug. 
Now just slowly… back… away… and act like nothing happened.


School kid looks at school clock

3) When you check the clock every minute to see that it hasn’t moved at all. 
Maybe it’s just a really slow clock…


Ladies wearing heels exercise in grass open field

4) When you try this little thing called “exercising.” 
One push-up is good enough for today, right? 


Group couples pose for the camera at a beach

5) When a picture with bae becomes an unexpected group picture.
Here’s where the crop feature comes in handy!

Relive more of those classic awkward moments while browsing through our black and white photography collection

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