6 Posters To Describe Your Disappointment Watching “Batman v Superman”

The reviews for “Batman v Superman” are here and they aren’t so hot. While we’re no strangers to bad action flicks, we had much higher hopes for this one. If you’re feeling as lost as we are, here are six posters to help guide you through this super let-down.


Open Mind

“Maybe it’s not as bad as all the reviews say. I mean, Henry Cavill’s in it too right?”

Clint Eastwood

“I have absolutely no idea what’s even happening.”

Girl With Ribbons

“It’s becoming painful and unbearable. Maybe if I just look away…”


“This isn’t helping. I can still hear it. Why didn’t I just agree to see “Zootopia?”

Andy Warhol

“I wish I had called my parents to tell them how much I love them.”

Keith Haring

“I have no idea what just happened, but I’m stoked it’s over”

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