Most Popular Beaches In San Diego

Ocean Beach in San Diego beach seascape art print by Lantern Press

San Diego, California – Ocean Beach

San Diego is home to perfect weather and flawless beaches. It seems that every inch of the shoreline is littered with picturesque coastlines. The city is the leading producer of avocado in the United States, and the popular Hotel Del Coronado is the largest wooden structure in the country. These factors and other attractions make San Diego a prominent Southern California travel destination. 

Cottages and cove on the La Jolla Beach shoreline San Diego art print

Cottages and Cove, La Jolla, California

Since the beach coastlines are the most frequent San Diego attractions, let’s look at the most popular beaches in San Diego and the various works of art inspired by the alluring scenery.

Mission Beach

Waves hitting the Mission Beach shoreline on a cloudy day San Diego beach photo by Eric Protzman

Mission Beach Smooth Surf

Mission Beach is a top San Diego travel destination. It offers a long boardwalk shoreline for strolling and staring at the Pacific Ocean, surfing on the waves, sipping on a cocktail at various open bars, enjoying the Belmont amusement park, kite boarding, boogie boarding, fishing and swimming. This is also the perfect spot for watching gorgeous sunsets, at least according to locals. Browse Mission Bay Scenery Posters >>

Pacific Beach

Crystal Pier on Pacific Beach in San Diego shoreline seascape photo

Crystal Pier on Pacific Beach, San Diego, California, United States of America, North America

“PB”, the local designation for the Pacific Beach neighborhood, is situated near Mission Beach but features a more younger scene. The area is a popular San Diego spot for nightclub partiers. The infamous Crystal Pier allows spectators to watch large waves and observe surfers gliding along them. Explore Posters of Pacific Beach >>

La Jolla

La Jolla Beach eroded sandstone rock cliffs San Diego beach seascape photo by Patrick Smith

The Wave Eroded Sandstone Rocks on the Coast of La Jolla Near San Diego, California, USA at Sunset

La Jolla is the most affluent area of San Diego and perhaps its oldest. The streets and storefronts are reminiscent of early 20th century designs. The shores of this region are exposed to the elements of the ocean—the Cove is littered with sea caves that provide fascinating sights for kayakers and allows for snorkeling and scuba diving; an area north of the Cove is exclusive for the Boomers wave; high tides bring together California Grey Seals and humans whom intermingle on nearby Shell Beach; Casa Beach and Wipeout feature strong currents that move water and loose floating rock to the shores. The other main draw  of La Jolla is the beautifully isolated Black’s Beach—offering splendid views of the coastline and extra activities not reserved for the public. Browse La Jolla Prints & Posters >>

Coronado Beach

Adirondack Chairs facing the ocean on Coronado Beach relaxing San Diego travel art print by Lantern Press

Coronado, California – Adirondack Chairs on the Beach

Coronado Beach is voted as one of the best in the United States. Although it’s not technically in San Diego, its proximity to the downtown area makes it a necessary visit whenever anyone travels to San Diego. Due to the structure of the tombolo island that is Coronado, it earns the nickname “The Crown City”. The Hotel del Coronado is the largest and most noticeable hotel on the island. People have described the picturesque sand of Coronado Beach as pillow-soft and sparkling. It’s even possible to view dolphins jumping out of the water! Buy Coronado Beach Posters >>

Ocean Beach

Underneath the Ocean Beach Pier San Diego beach photo by Patrick Smith

The Ocean Beach Pier

Ocean Beach is a beachfront neighborhood in San Diego. It’s home to the Ocean Beach Pier, one of the most visited landmarks in San Diego County. It extends 1,971 feet into the ocean and ends with a T-shape. The pier holds the record for being the second largest pier on the west coast, and the longest concrete pier in the world. The area is also known for the Sunset Cliffs Natural Parks which offer mesmerizing views of cliff formations and the expansive ocean; Point Loma Lighthouse which guided sailors a century ago; Newport Avenue Beach and other small popular beaches that attract locals and tourists alike. Browse Ocean Beach San Diego Posters >>

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Sailor participating in a sailing race San Diego seascape art print

Foredeck Man in Sailing Race, San Diego, California

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