Movie Posters of the Best 80s Films

The Goonies movie poster cover art

The Goonies

Every list about the 80s include The Goonies. It’s considered one of the best films ever released. The story of the Goonie kids looking for a rumored treasure to save their neighborhood touches upon a universal desire to cherish the home where you grew up. More Goonies Posters >>

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Star Wars Episode 6 Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker Darth Vader movie poster

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Remember the infamous fight scene between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in the original trilogy? The conclusion of the film showcases, in typical 80s fashion, that the forces of good triumphs over evil. More Return of the Jedi Posters >>

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars Episode 5 The Empire Strikes Back han solo princess leia luke skywalker movie poster cover art

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The original Episode 2 of the Star Wars trilogy headed into a darker mood than other movies in the series. Skywalker lost his hand and learned that the second most evil figure in the galaxy was his father; Han Solo was frozen in carbonite and his survival wasn’t certain; Darth Vader choked his own soldiers; the rebels were forced to abandon another base. The somber tone probably helped the film achieve its status as the most popular of the original trilogy. More The Empire Strikes Back Posters >>

A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story movie poster cover art

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The antics of little Ralphie, his school bully and his clumsy family provided a memorable spotlight for this 80s movie that’s been syndicated hundreds of times. It’s still one of the best Christmas movies of all time. More A Christmas Story Posters >>

Back to the Future

Back to the Future movie poster cover art

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Great scott! You can’t talk about the 80s without mentioning Back to the Future. The film introduced the wide public to the DeLorean automobile, humorous time travel dilemmas, Doc Brown and the town of Hill Valley. It’s considered one of the best trilogies created during that time period. More Back to the Future Posters >>

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Harrison Ford Raiders of the Lost Ark movie poster cover art

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Harrison Ford played another charismatic action hero in this Steven Spielberg flick: archaeologist Indiana Jones. The first movie in the trilogy involves him avoiding deadly traps and out-maneuvering his arch nemesis Rene Belloq. It was so popular that it spawned three sequels. More Raiders of the Lost Ark Posters >>

The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride movie poster cover art

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There’s a list called the “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die” and this film makes the list. It’s one of the most infamous movies from the 1980s and still commands a loyal fan base. Rotten Tomatoes has blessed it with a rare 97% “Certified Fresh” rating. More The Princess Bride Posters >>


Scarface movie poster cover art

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Brian DePalma’s remake of the 1932 original crime drama impressed audiences with its gritty depiction of illegal trade during the 80s. Al Pacino played the anti-hero protagonist with gusto. “Say hello to my little friend” became a pop culture meme as a result of this film. It also parlayed to moviegoers the moral motif that greed corrupts. More Scarface Posters >>

Die Hard

Die Hard movie poster cover art

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Die Hard redefined the action film genre. IMDb scored it 8.2 out of 10, and Rotten Tomatoes rated it 92%. Critics and moviegoers loved the movie. Bruce Willis played detective John McClane, a cop hero who constantly faced defeat at every turn but always figured out a last-minute solution. More Die Hard Posters >>

Blade Runner

Blade Runner movie poster cover art

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 Blade Runner is a legendary movie from the 80s. Harrison Ford plays the reluctant ex-cop Richard Deckard, with the unpleasant task of hunting down “replicants.” The production design and deep philosophical themes present in this film makes it one of the best movies ever created. More Blade Runner Posters >>

This list covers a small collection of famous movies. Click here to find more posters of popular 80s films.

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