Beyoncé, Sam Smith & Pharrell: Top Grammy Nominees for 2015

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The 57th Annual Grammy Nominations for 2015 topped entertainment news earlier this week. The Recording Academy announced that Beyoncé, Sam Smith, and Pharrell each garnered six votes. 

Beyoncé generated a lot of interest this year thanks to her visual album, Beyoncé. Each single on the soundtrack featured an accompanying video when it was released on the iTunes store. It sold 828,773 copies during the first three days, earning the top album download designation on the online music store. 

Sam Smith released his debut album, In the Lonely Hour, in May 2014 and rose to international fame. It reached number one on the UK Singles Chart and number two on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100

Pharrell achieved success this year with his hit single, Happy. Its popularity spread across social media and the single sold 5.6 million copies in the United States peaked number one in 19 other countries, including the United States. With 10 million copies purchased worldwide, it has garnered the distinction of the best-selling single in history. Although the song was originally composed as a single for Despicable Me 2 soundtrack, the singer added it to his 2014 album Girl

Other artists whom each received four nominations:

  • Iggy Azalea
  • Beck
  • Eric Church
  • Tom Coyne (recording engineer)
  • Drake
  • Gordon Goodwin
  • Jay Z
  • Miranda Lambert
  • Sia
  • Usher
  • Jack White


Which artist will win a Grammy Award in 2015? Stay tuned for a future blog post when the winners are revealed!

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