Boyhood: Golden Globes 2015 Biggest Winner

Boyhood movie poster, Golden Globes 2015 winner


Boyhood required 12 years of filming and hours of editing prior to its theatrical release. The efforts of the production cast appeared to have been worth it—the movie became the recipient of three Golden Globe Awards.

For Best Director award, director Richard Linklater beat Wes Anderson (“The Grand Budapest Hotel”), Ava Duvernay (“Selma”), Alejandro González Iñárritu (“Birdman”) and David Fincher (“Gone Girl Gone”).

Boyhood garnered the Best Motion Picture Drama award and triumphed over “Foxcatcher”, “The Imitation Game”, “Selma” and “The Theory of Everything”. Actress Patricia Arquette earned a Globe for Best Supporting Female Actor

Linklater started production in May 2002 and ended October 2013. IFC Films committed $200,000 per year to the project, which amounted to a sum of $2.4 million. The director never concocted an overall script for the film, although he visualized its conclusion. His annual ritual was to create a script after viewing footage from the previous year, changing the storyline based upon physical changes of the actors and circumstances that occurred in their personal lives. According to the director, the only improvisation he made was to include a few talking lines about additional Star Wars films. 

The movie premiered at the 2014 Sundance Festival. Its theatrical release occurred in July 2014. It was also showcased at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival. Many popular movie critics have declared Boyhood a landmark flick and it’s possibly the longest recorded motion picture in cinema history. The film is expected to receive Oscar nominations for the Academy Awards. 

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