What Is A Canvas Transfer?

Canvas transfer print in a room

A canvas transfer is the process of transferring posters and prints to a stretched canvas framework. Most of the artwork sold on Allposters.com has the canvas transfer option available—when you’re on a merchandise page, click on “Canvas” and then add the product to your shopping cart. 

Listed below are common FAQs about our canvas transfer service. We hope these answers will allay most of your concerns and curiosities about the process. If you still have more questions, please contact customer support and one of our representatives will be glad to assist you. 

What is a stretched canvas?

A stretched canvas refers to a special canvas that’s mounted onto a stretcher bar support framework. Artists utilize these same structures when creating original canvas art paintings. 

How is a canvas transfer done?

It’s made by coating the paper surface of a poster or print with special film that lifts the image imprint from the paper. The film, now containing the embedded image, becomes heat-sealed to the canvas surface. The image is now ingrained into the texture surface of the 12 ounce canvas. A UV protective coating is applied, and then the entire piece is stretched over a wooden framework. 

What’s the difference between canvas transfer art and a regular poster or print?

The canvas transfer process provides an elegant solution for preserving your poster or art print. It gives your artwork additional sturdiness over time plus the protective varnish eliminates color fading and damage from water particles. 

Why is there a paper hole on the back of my canvas frame? Is my frame damaged?

Your frame isn’t damaged. The paper backing is added to create a finishing touch. Rectangular holes are cut in the top of each frame to prevent the gathering of mildew on the back of the canvas. Otherwise, cracks and peeling would start forming from the front side of the canvas. 

Are there any special care instructions for canvas transfer artwork?

Canvas transfer art requires the same basic care that you would give any other quality print. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight, and occasionally clean the surface with mild soap & water or glass cleaner. With these basic precautions, your canvas transfer art will last a lifetime. 

If color quality and longevity are significant, consider using our canvas transfer service for the art print you want to buy. Many of the prints and posters for sale on Allposters.com have the option available. Start browsing today or transform your personal photo into a canvas print wall art.