The Periodic Table of Puns


Meet chemistry’s wild cards! The Periodic Table of Elements isn’t only a guide for junior chemists, nor a functional classroom snoozer. Look close enough and there are opportunities for creating clever chemistry puns. That’s what the designers of these amazing periodic puns were definitely going for.


Ba-Zn-Ga BAZINGA Big Bang Theory geek chemistry pun poster


If you’re a huge Big Bang Theory geek then you know which character is famous for this line. Hint: he/she was a big rival of Wil Wheaton in the series.

The Mighty “THORIUM”

Thorium Marvel Comics Thor geek chemistry pun poster


We know this pun’s an obvious 90-degree choice (get it?), but what other hammer do you use to cut through the noise? Behold, the mighty Thor!

Element No. 468: “BE-ER”

BEER alcohol geek chemistry pun poster


Finally a reason to remember these two elements.


Cupcakes food geek chemistry pun poster


Chemistry has a sweet tooth! We’ll take this combo of elements any day: Cu (Copper), P (Phosphorus), Ca (Calcium), K (Potassium), Es (Einsteinium).

“KITcHeN”: The Birthplace of Chemistry

Kitchen good geek chemistry pun poster


If you thought the laboratory was the birth place of chemistry, think again. Many kitchens served as the melting pot of chemical mixtures, scientific experiments and the discovery of many different elements. This pun is a great way to honor the origins of this field.


Respect the Chemistry, Breaking Bad geek geek chemistry pun poster


“ReSPECK MY CHEMISTRY.” Whoops—that should’ve said, “ReSPECT THE CHEMISTRY.” Because if you’re not careful, chemistry can Break some Bad bonds. Or lead to bad puns! 😛

Delicious “BaCoN”

Bacon food geek chemistry pun poster


Mmm…a chemistry pun that spells out your favorite breakfast treat. Who knew that Ba (Barium), Co (Cobalt) and N (Nitrogen) could produce such a tasty combination?

“SUB” For When Hangry Strikes

Sub sandwich food geek chemistry pun poster


Sulfur. Uranium. Boron. Normally these are dangerous elements; together they spell a scrumptious meal. Lunch, anyone?



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