“A Clockwork Orange” — Exclusive Poster Artwork

"A Clockwork Orange" movie poster artwork

“A Clockwork Orange Movie Peering Through Triangle Poster Print” at Allposters.com

A Clockwork Orange was a controversial 1971 crime movie produced and directed by the legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. It was based on a novella written by Anthony Burgess in 1962. The plot focused on a deranged man named Alex who enjoyed classical music and various “ultra-violent” activities. He led a gang called “droogs” and they committed crime sprees across a dystopian, near-future Britain. Eventually they were captured and Alex was sent to a rehabilitation center. The rest of the cinema chronicles his attempted rehabilitation.

The topics portrayed in the drama generated lots of controversy, and praise, 40 years after its debut. Scenes were deleted from the original version of the movie in order to receive a viewable rating in the United States. The film was banned in the United Kingdom for 27 years, not seeing the light in the country until after Kubrick’s passing away in 1999. Most fans of the film praised its originality and superb acting. It was nominated for an Academy Award. Rotten Tomatoes’ “Tomatometer” scored it a whopping 89%. 

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