The Most Unbelievably Trippy Blacklight Posters

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Surreal Blacklight Poster Art

Mad Hatter Collage

These trippy posters are psychedelic masterpieces. They glow under ultraviolet black lights and feature cool art styles. Looking for memorable posters? Need artwork for a glow-in-the-dark party? You’ve arrived on the right page!

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Froggy Blacklight Reactive Cloth Wall Hanging

Froggy surreal trippy blacklight fabric poster, green and black colors, poster wall art

A friendly, laidback frog chilling near a waterfall while smoking a pipe. A dragonfly flies nearby…waiting to be eaten?

Alien Visitor Blacklight Responsive Poster

Green Grey alien climbing through a window, blacklight responsive poster wall art

A frightening blacklight poster featuring an alien Grey climbing through a rectangular block. What are its intentions?

Opticz Treehouse Blacklight Poster

Opticz surreal treehouse blacklight poster wall art by Joseph Charron

Is it a house? A treehouse? A combination of both? Somewhere there’s a chimney puffing out smoke. This trippy, illusory, blacklight poster will deceive even the greatest minds.

Liquid Skulls Fantasy Blacklight Poster

Liquid skulls fantasy blacklight pink, orange, green and blue blacklight poster wall art

Glow-in-the-dark skulls send a terrifying vibe into any room. Perfect if you’re looking for unusual artwork to hang in your space.

Batman vs. Superman Blacklight Poster

Superman: False God or Savior? Batman vs Superman blacklight poster wall art

The red cape and red emblem will glow when regular lights dissipate.

Sourcer Nothing Wrong

Mousetrap laced with American flag joint wrapper as bait, trippy blacklight poster wall art

What’s the best way to catch a hippie rodent? Don’t use cheese—try this instead.

Summer Woods Flocked Blacklight Poster Art Print

Green reactive blacklight poster art print wall art

Looking for a green blacklight poster? This poster featuring an image of nature makes the perfect choice.

Magnetic Fantasy Blacklight Fractal Poster

Magnetic Fantasy fractal blacklight poster wall art

Fractal images are amusing hypnotic additions to your space. With the inclusion of fluorescent inks, these posters transform into dynamic masterpieces.

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Collage Flocked Blacklight Poster Art Print

Green, orange, purple Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter blacklight poster wall art print

Turn your space topsy-turvy with this glowing blacklight poster. Are you ogling at all of the wacky elements featured in this wall art?

Deadmau5 Blacklight

Deadmau5 Blacklight Mouse Design poster wall art

The infamous mouse design most associated with the performer and producer deadmau5 is changed into a wicked blacklight artwork.

Clown Universe Fantasy

Collage of scary surreal clowns in this blacklight poster wall art

Have a fascination for clowns and other horror elements? These frightful images seem more real when black light is applied.


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