5 Reasons Why Daenerys Targaryen Is The Queen We All Want

Daenerys Targaryen is destined to rule the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. She’s come a long way from growing up as a sidekick of her brother. Under her command are dragons and disparate groups of skilled soldiers, ready to obey her bidding. Lucky for the people she’s about to conquer, her way differs from the other sociopath rulers on the continent. Learn why Daenerys is the best queen in the series and why we want someone like her in real life.

Despises Slavery And Classism

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Daenerys despises the notion of slavery and always banishes the practice after conquering a city. When she arrives in the city of Astapor, she laments at the sight of insubordinate slaves hanging on a cross. Following the suggestion of her two advisors, she negotiates with a man named Kraznys. He sells an army of slave soldiers called Unsullied. The owner refuses her offer until she agrees to exchange one of her young dragons, Drocon. After Kraznys complains that the dragon disobeys his commands, Daenerys orders the creature to roast him. And since the transaction between the two individuals concluded, the queen orders her new soldiers to kill their former masters and free every other slave in the Astapor. When they finish the deed, Daenerys gives them the option of remaining in her army or enjoying their newfound freedom. Not a single Unsullied soldier abandoned the group.

The queen follows the same action in her next conquest. After she takes the city of Yunkai, her first edict is to declare the end of slavery and allow all former slaves to live in the city or venture on their own to another locale. Daenerys gains the nickname “mhysa,” a term that means “mother,” from the freed people of Yunkai.

Practices Forgiveness (Sometimes)

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In the city of Meereen, Daenerys accidentally sparks a rebellion. After also refusing to reopen the fighting pits, tensions within the city walls reach a peak point. Upon learning that members of her Unsullied were ambushed and slaughtered, she sentences all the heads of families to be devoured by her dragons but Missandei counsels her to reopen the battles arenas. Daenerys approaches Hizdahr and he admits his involvement in the plot, while also begging for his life. The queen apologizes for her poor decision and proposes marriage as a way to keep the peace.

Daenerys had desired to kill Tyrion Lannister when she first met him. The Lannister and Targaryen families were past rivals. She noted Tyrion’s indifference to death and deduced that his personality differed from the Lannisters’ usual self-pride. She also realized that Tyrion’s political knowledge of Westeros was invaluable in her quest to conquer the continent. All this caused her to forego her wanting of vengeance via the dwarf.

She also forgives the actions of Ser Jorah and Varys for spying on her. Daenerys originally casts him from her kingdom, but he saves the queen’s life during a rebellion and orders him to join her guard once again—after he finds a cure for greyscale (a long story).

Who wouldn’t want to serve a forgiving queen such as Daenerys?

Thinks About The Common People

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Unlike other rulers in the show, Daenerys shows concern for commoners. After learning about Varys’s past assassination attempts, and hearing him explain his actions as “for the good of the people,” she commands him to counsel her directly if she acts against the good interests of the common people.

She Listens To Advisors

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Daenerys surrounds herself with advisors and listens to them. Tyrion gives her recommendations for dealing with different people and situations during her reign in Essos. When they all land in Westeros, she heeds all of Tyrion’s strategies and suggestions for fighting Cersei’s armies. When Daenerys finds her plans thwarted by Cersei’s allies, she turns to Jon Snow and accepts his recommendation to avoid using the dragons to decimate castles and towns.

She’s The Mother Of Dragons And Knows How To Act Bodacious

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Daenerys commands dragons and they’re tough as steel. She rides her dragon into battle when her Dothraki army confronts Jaime’s troops, annihilating his soldiers with ease. She strolls into flames, bathes in boiling hot water, acts duplicitous against individuals who wish her malice, delivers cruel justice when people’s actions warrant it and possess a fiery temper that only her advisors can contain.


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