Deadpool Merchandise for the Die-Hard Comic Fan

Deadpool shooting fake gun bullet prankster ninja comic book character image

Deadpool – “Bang!”

Are you a Deadpool fan?

If so, you know that Ryan Reynolds is playing the ninja character (movie release date: February 12, 2016), a comic book persona originating from the minds and artists of Marvel Comics. The antihero dresses in a red and black tight suit; wields two thin swords; always appears whimsical and somewhat charming. Deadpool never removes his mask. Ever.

Keep browsing to discover fun merchandise highlighting the character’s personality and quirks. Or skip the reading and browse awesome Deadpool artwork.

Deadpool Quotes & Jokes

Deadpool quotes jokes comic book poster art

Deadpool Sayings

Deadpool mostly utters funny one-liners. Almost every sentence contains humorous or sarcastic statements. No wonder people are enamored with the comic book character!

Outta the way nerd - Deadpool quote joke action image comic book poster art

“Outta the way, nerd.”

Shhh! My common sense is tingling! - Deadpool quote comic book poster art

“Shhh! My common sense is tingling!”

Check out the chump in the deadpool tee! - Deadpool quote comic book poster art

“Check out the chump in the Deadpool tee!”

Deadpool Symbol

Deadpool’s famous icon consists of a red circle divided by a single middle line, and two white holes representing eyes. Similar to the style of his mask. It’s a simple symbol don’t you think? Various creative modifications exist:

Detailed Deadpool symbol comic book poster art

Deadpool Symbol Comic Art

Deadpool symbol abstract poster art

Deadpool Icon Abstract Poster Art

Deadpool symbol deadpool #4 cover art marvel universe comic book poster art

Deadpool #4 Cover Art

Deadpool Apparel: Look Like the Character

Deadpool hoodie that zips; black and red and grey

Deadpool Hoodie That Zips

Dress like the famed ninja persona with this zip hoodie. When the zipper reaches the top, the mask-shaped hood covers your face—giving you the appearance of the character. To achieve full resemblance, combine the pullover hoodie with any of the shirts below:

Deadpool apparel shirt subliminated costume tee

Deadpool Apparel Subliminated Costume Tee

Deadpool apparel black and red costume tee

Deadpool Apparel Red and Black Costume Tee

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

Actor Ryan Reynolds portrait photograph

Ryan Reynolds Portrait Photograph

Ryan Reynolds will play the comic book character Deadpool in the upcoming movie debuting on February 12. This won’t be his first time acting the part: he portrayed the character in the superhero film “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” (more Ryan Reynolds photos and movies here).

Deadpool image as a butler comic book poster art

Deadpool As A Butler

Want to discover more Deadpool merchandise? Browse more action posters of the popular ninja and find the perfect comic book scene to hang in your space.

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