Destiny: Exclusive Video Game Art Inspiration

Destiny "Hunter Class" exclusive poster art

“Hunter Class” Poster at

There’s very few video game lovers NOT camping in front of their television screens and using futuristic arsenal against aliens determined to exterminate the remnants of mankind in the 28th century. The addictive pull of this game is likely known by now—your social media feeds are probably full of your contacts bragging about their Destiny scores, or portraying their delight with the game. Being a first-person shooter, it employs the MMO model that allows players to ally or battle each other. One intriguing fact about Destiny is that the game randomly matches people together—regardless of whether you want them as teammates. In-game elements are dynamic and uncontrollable (even the game developers wouldn’t know what to expect), which adds to the excitement of the gameplay. 

The beautiful designs and backdrops in Destiny inspired our designer to create these posters. This artwork is only available for purchase on You can browse our full assortment of Destiny video game posters by clicking here. We hope you find the right poster for your space!

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