8 Incredibly Inappropriate Holiday Gifts

Slippers for grandma, a bracelet for mom, and you even picked-up a new toy for the cat. But what about that special person on your holiday list who always succeeds in raising the bar on the inappropriate scale? You know, the friend who loudly proclaims what we’re all thinking but would never actually say out loud? Yep, we’ve got a fool-proof gift guide for that person in your life.

Frisky Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater

Adult frisky reindeer edgy sexy holiday ugly sweater gift

The perfect gift to get you in the mood… for eggnog.

Totally Zenned-Out Tote

Namaste bitches cuss word edgy adult tote bag holiday gift

This won’t make anyone on your gift-giving list better at yoga, but that’s not really the point.

Anne Taintor – Opportunity to Make Poor Choices Flask

Anne Taintor edgy adult suggestive flask about bad exciting choices holiday gift

A handy, portable reminder that everyday has the potential to be awesome. Cheers!

2016 Someecards Daily Desktop Calendar

Sexual history joke involving internet browser someecards boxed calendar adult jokes holiday gift that is edgy

The gift that continues to bring the humor all year long!

Jesus Loves You Mug

Edgy religious Jesus mug adult holiday gift

For those who feel inspired to give the gift of honesty this year.

Mona Lisa Smokes a Joint Framed Art Print

Mona Lisa smokes a joint classic fine art spoof humor adult edgy holiday gift

Deck the walls! Give the perfect art print, like this updated classic.

 Not Arguing Wood Sign

No arguing box sign edgy adult spoof joke holiday gift

Holiday home décor for the shamelessly outspoken person on your list.

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