Five Stunning San Francisco Pictures

San Francisco Photography

A famous business man once referred to San Francisco as the “Paris of the Pacific!”

It’s a city that mixes old-fashion charm with modern excitement. Buildings featuring Victorian and modern architectural craftmanship adorn city blocks. The early-century “F-line” trolley travels down the middle of Market Street, while the newer M.U.N.I. light-rail trains transport people underground. The iconic Golden Gate Bridge continues to shine bright orange amidst heavy fog, while the recent year-long installation of the Bay Lights attract eyes to the Bay Bridge.

Explore one of America’s most gorgeous cities with spectacular San Francisco pictures. Browse across the next six pages and discover wondrous facts about the beautiful “Paris of the Pacific.”

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge with background sunset photograph


No series of San Francisco pictures would be complete without the Bay Area’s most iconic landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge.

Built for, at the time, an astonishingly high $35 million, the bridge opened in 1937, connecting nearby Marin County to the city of San Francisco. Each day, thousands of cars cross the colorful six lane, 1.7 mile bridge.

Fun Fact: The official color of the Golden Gate Bridge is International Orange. The bright, cheerful hue is used so the bridge is visible in heavy fog.

Bay Bridge



The Bay Bridge opened in 1936, connecting Oakland and the East Bay to San Francisco. Approximately 240,000 vehicles travel across the 4.5-mile long bridge daily.

The Bay Bridge has two sections: the western span of the bridge connects downtown San Francisco to Yerba Buena Island (also called Treasure Island) and the eastern span connects Yerba Buena Island to Oakland.

Did You Know? In the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, the eastern span of the Bay Bridge sustained serious damage. After nearly 15 years of construction totaling over $6 billion, the new eastern span officially opened in September 2013.

Cable Cars

California Street San Francisco cable cars with Bay Bridge background photograph


Historic cable cars, built in 1873, are another of San Francisco’s most beloved features. Andrew Smith Hallidie invented the cable cars, borrowing technology from early mining conveyances. They survived the earthquakes of 1906 and 1989, and remain a favorite attraction unique to the City by the Bay.

Did you know? The city of San Francisco uses streetcars from all over the world! Retired cars from cities all across the world can be seen all around San Francisco.

Painted Ladies


Painted Ladies, or a row of three or more Victorian houses painted bright colors to accent their architectural detail, are another unique San Francisco landmark. The most photographed row of painted ladies is on Steiner Street near Alamo Square Park. Also known as Postcard Row, these houses were built between 1892 and 1896 and they provide a picturesque photo background!

Fun Fact: Steiner Street’s painted ladies appear in the opening credits of the TV series Full House!

Transamerica Pyramid



The Transamerica Pyramid is the jewel in San Francisco’s skyline. It’s San Francisco’s tallest skyscraper, standing at an impressive 850 feet high!

Fun Fact: The Transamerica Pyramid is built on a platform intended to reduce shaking from earthquakes.

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