Our Five Top Tips To Upgrade Your Game Art

There’s a misconception that video game-inspired merchandise is always 100% geeky — but every gamer isn’t a pimpled, action figure-collecting cliche. Now you can celebrate your love for the imaginary worlds of your favorite games with subtle, adult art, that reflects the gamer you actually are.


In-Game Details

The artwork that appears in your favorite games can cover a lot of bases. One of the most fun details can disappear into the background of in-game art — the best example being the worldbuilding graphics found in the Fallout series. From recruitment posters to advertisements for the fictional Nuka Cola, this post-nuclear world is fleshed out with retro artwork that will complement any home without giving away its post-apocalyptic origins.



Another way to bring the details from your favorite game into the real world is with these lovingly-crafted infographics. Not only is their aesthetic origin difficult to ascertain to those not in the know, they also help you capture a greater range of game-related details. After all, why display one weapon when you can collect them all in one place?


Vintage Travel

We all wish we could jump into some of our favorite video game locations — dangerous or not, there’s no denying the beauty of the underwater city of Rapture or the temptations of the LA-inspired Los Santos. Inspired by the oldschool cool look of travel posters, our prints will help you take the look and feel of your favorite fictional places into your home in an artistic, upscale way. No one will know you haven’t actually hopped a flight to Midgar — except for other Final Fantasy fans!


Capture Gaming Culture

If you don’t have one specific game that you feel like featuring, you can’t go wrong tapping into the world of game art on its own. Inspired by everything from the classic 8-bit style to the companies you love to the hardware of gaming itself, you can pay tribute to your favorite hobby without tipping the scales toward one game or another.


Celebrate Your Favorite Game With Key Art

You don’t totally have to leave your favorite games behind in order to brush up your art game. Key art (pieces of art designed to entice players with a peek at the world, gameplay, or characters) is the perfect way to bring each universe into your interior. From God of Us to The Last of Us, you can capture the look of your favorite game with incredible, finely-detailed art.

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