New Album “Four” Highlights The Continuing Demand for One Direction Songs

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November 17, 2014 marked a momentous day for the music band One Direction. A milestone was achieved that very few boy bands preceding them have ever reached: the release of a strong fourth album.

One Direction’s new album “Four” represents an anomaly in the boy band scene. Typically the second album represents the peak of success, following stadium tours and pop culture attention. By the third album a band’s song quality significantly decreases, or a prolific member leaves the group to pursue a solo career. Plus, fans reach adulthood and forgets the existence of the group. Backstreet Boys and N’Sync are only two examples of ill-fated music groups meeting their demise due to these circumstances; this cycle typifies the boy band music scene. But One Direction is different—releasing three No. 1 albums in a row and showing little signs of stopping.

One Direction’s songs are noted for their growth. Even critics of the group concede that their music quality evolves, and acknowledges the group’s capability of producing edgier sounds. So far, reviewers are comparing One Direction to Bruce Springsteen. Not a bad comparison! Social media also helps to keep the band’s name on the minds of people, an advantage over previous boy bands.

Music insiders are watching. How long can One Direction sustain their momentum? If the band manages to release a pleasing fifth album, they’ll prove their musical prowess in an already fickle industry.

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