15 Funny & Unique Gift Ideas For Your Coworkers

Everyone wants to buy an awesome gift for the company white-elephant party, right? (We’re talking to you cat toy-lady). Or perhaps, you’re looking to expand your own collection of fun desk toys. We’ve got a handful of great ideas to keep you ready for anything this holiday season.

Guitar Heaven Mug

Guitar Heaven music coffee mug

The perfect gift for the office rock star. This “Guitar Heaven” mug is one of those office delights that gets a ton of use.

Hank (Finding Dory Bobblehead)

Pixar Hank Finding Dory Bobblehead grouchy squid carrying coffee canister

Hank understands the depth of grouchiness we all experience before our first cup of breakroom coffee.

Dean Russo Elephant Mug

Decorate your desk with this artistic mug featuring Dean Russo art. The myriad combinations of color adds excitement and personality to any office space.

“Breakfast At Tiffany’s” Spiral Journal

Combine style and efficiency. Keep track of business ideas, create to-do lists and record meeting notes with the stylistic Breakfast at Tiffany’s spiral notebook.

David Bowie Ziggy Stardust Mug

Music pop culture coffee mug

Pop culture collides with office culture.

“Minions Need Coffee” Mug

It takes a minion to know a Minion. And to know all the euphemisms that coffee offers.

Game of Thrones Lannister Notebook

Skip writing all your meeting notes and to-do lists in boring notebooks and planners. Opt for this Game of Thrones notebook instead. Conquer the office Lannister style!

Shakespeare Insults Mug

Forget passive aggression or office politics! Cut to the heart with these Shakespearean insults. Inscribed on a mug so you can study and remember.

Moon Garden Shower Tote Bag

Moon Garden Shower black tote bag

Look at this exquisite tote bag! Beautiful floral designs add a decorative flair to this fully functional utility bag.

“Boss Lady” Shopping Tote Bag

Boss Lady humorous tote bag for shopping

The “Boss Lady” tote bag—when you need a gift to impress your manager and stay on their positive side.

Peyton Manning POP Bobblehead

Peyton Manning NFL football bobblehead as an office fun desk toy gift

Bless a football fan with this Peyton Manning bobblehead, a desk toy that any sports enthusiast can keep on their desk to improve their workday mood.

City Maps Notebooks

City Maps Notebook (Paris, London, New York), 3-in-1 deal

The perfect 3-in-1 deal! Three separate notebooks with each one illustrating a different city. An ideal gift for the office traveler enthusiast.

DBZ Krillin Anime POP Bobblehead

DBZ Krillin Anime POP Bobblehead figure as desk toy office gift

Krillin’s in the office! If there’s an anime fan in the building, you know the perfect desk gift to get them.

Einstein Pop Art Mug

Find morning inspiration with this Einstein coffee mug. Featuring pop art renditions of the brilliant mathematician.

Sweet Treats Shopping Tote Bag

Sweet Treats shopping tote bag

Mmmmm…..all of our delicious vices illustrated on a single tote bag.


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