Funny Pi Posters for Math Geeks

Pi Math poster artwork by carol and mike werner

Various Aspect of Pi by Mike & Carol Werner

Don’t confuse Pi with pie! 

Pi represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, always equaling 3.14159265359. The digits 3.14 and the symbol π are associated with the famous mathematical number.

In 1988 a physicist named Larry Shaw, who worked at The Exploratorium science museum in San Francisco, organized the first official celebration of the number by declaring “Pi Day” on 3/14. The staff and public walked around a circle and then consumed fruit pies. The U.S. House of Representatives officially recognized March 14 as “Pi Day” and the month was designated as “Pi Month” (in addition to St. Patrick’s Day celebrations). 

Pi Day 2015 marked a very special occasion. It was the first occasion in human civilization when all the digits of Pi appeared in our modern calendar and time systems. That date was 3/14/15, which matched the first 5 digits 3.1415. At 9:26am, on the 53rd second, the next 5 digits of the figure (92653) were represented. If you considered milliseconds, then 59 equaled the remaining two digits.  

In honor of Pi Day, we curated a small collection of posters and shirts showcasing Pi

“Get Real! Be Rational!”

Pi Get Real Snorg Tees poster

Get Real – Snorg Tees Poster Art

“[ i 8 sum pi ] . . . and it was delicious!”

...and it was delicious Pi joke humor poster artwork

And it was delicious – Plastic Sign

Mmm Pi

The Simpsons Lisa and Homer Pi humor t-shirt, yellow and green and blue shirt

The Simpsons – Mmm Pi

Cutie Pi

Cutie Pi purple pi day poster

Pi Symbol

You can find similar posters and t-shirts in our Geek Humor and Mathematics categories. Happy Pi Day and enjoy yourself!

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