Jon Snow Swag & Other Game of Thrones Goodies

Any Game of Thrones fans out there? Thought so! Unless you’ve been living under a rock since GOT first kicked off on HBO back in 2011, you’re likely a part of the cult following the show has fostered.

And by now even the most casual fans have probably found themselves siding with one GOT family or character over another. We won’t hide it: We’re absolutely Team Jon Snow!

We pulled together a round-up of swag in honor of our favorite man of the Night’s Watch.


Jon Snow FigureNight’s Watch Tee

We bring you… your very own little Jon! (Not to be confused with the real Lil Jon.) Sit this adorably aggressive figurine next to your bowl o’ popcorn and don’t forget to suit up in a Night’s Watch uniform when you tune in for season five.


Winterfell Retro Travel Poster 

A reminder of the best real estate in Westeros (at least up until the sack)!


Night’s Watch Oath Poster 

Could Jon’s words-to-live-by be a predictor of what will happen this season?


Classic Stark Sigil Poster 

Jon may be illegitimate, but true GOT fans know that he’s really the “Starkiest” of them all!

Who are you rooting for this season? Our money’s on Jon!


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