Get Close To Nature This Earth Day

With Earth Day just around the corner, you’re likely thinking of ways to show Mom Earth she’s appreciated. Yes, you should watch your water consumption. Yes, you should pick up after litterbugs. And yes, you should wear animal face T-shirts that pay homage to some of the world’s most magnificent creatures (if only for the sake of improving the world by way of comic relief).

Flip through this slide show to find your favorite tee. Keep it on hand for all occasions calling for roaringly loud style statements.



White Tiger Face T-Shirt  

If you’re on the prowl for the perfect way to show off an animal you’ve long admired.


 Guinea Pig Face T-Shirt

If you prefer the protection of a cozy home.


Bulldog Face T-Shirt

If your spirit animal has a smooshy face.


Eagle Face T-Shirt 

If you don’t mess around.


Bunny Face T-Shirt 

If you’ve always liked steamed carrots.


Cow Face T-Shirt

If you want your Earth Day to be an ‘udder’ success.

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    1. Hi,
      For these particular shirts, the dye color is pulled out of the shirt and all that’s left behind is the ink color. Essentially the graphics become integrated with the shirt. I believe the official terminology is “sublimation”. I hope this is helpful.

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