Gift Ideas for People with Fur Kids

Dogs and cats were once relegated to the backyard, sulking around like lowly second-class citizens. Now, at least in the U.S., they’re in the cat bird seat, cohabitating with the fam and sometimes even serving as a more pleasant alternative.

Blame it on Gen Y or the Millennials, many of whom are foregoing procreation in favor of a less expensive and infinitely furrier child substitute. Either way, dogs and cats have never had it so good.

So what do you buy the pet parent who seems to have it all? Here are some ideas.


Puppy Portraiture

Frida Kahlo-inspired Chihuahua print for the doggie lover who also enjoys fine art.


Cat Calendars

Cranky Kitties calendar to remind your patient friend, who puts up with endless kitty attitude, that he’s not alone.


Wacky Dog Collars

Bob’s Burgers-inspired dog collar for your friend with the Boxer who also likes butts.


Pretty Kitty Mugs

For the finicky feline fanatic who stares longingly into jewelry store windows whilst eating croissants.


Totes Cool Doggie Bags

For the dog mom on the go, who packs ample supplies of treats, water, toys, poop bags, and…maybe a change of clothes.


There’s no better way to connect with a pet parent than to honor their bond with Fluffy and Fido.

If you need more options, browse All Dog Items and All Cat Items. Or, if you want to get more personal, search by breed, like Corgis or Siamese. Think hoodies, puzzles, towels, throw pillows—yeah we have all that.

Remember, pet parents firmly believe that no home is complete without fur kids. And, as far as we’re concerned, they’re not wrong.

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