Gifts for the Nice and Naughty

According to lyrical legend, Santa knows when you’ve been bad or good. He really shouldn’t judge though, because it’s all relative. I mean, he could just catch you on a bad day.

And really, the naughty and nice thing should be graded on a scale. No one is 100% nice all the time. NO ONE.

Nevertheless, some people on your gift list probably skew more to one side than the other. That’s why we created the Nice and Naughty Gift List.

Really, Quite Nice!

Today Is Going to Be a Great Day! Desk Calendar: For the unicorn-loving optimist who smiles before coffee.


Be the Change You Wish to See in the World Poster: For the humanitarian hell-bent on doing good things for (wo)mankind.


You’re Beautiful, Don’t Change Purse: For the sweet soul who favors copper, nickel, and zinc over Bitcoins.


Nice Guy Fargo Tee: For the Coen Brother’s fan who’s mostly kind but harbors a dark sense of humor.


Sort of Naughty—So What?

If I Can’t Be a Good Example Poster: For the sultry siren who’s nice enough to warn you before she goes off.


Shakespeare Insults Mug: For the scholarly type who, when it comes to word jabs, enjoys quoting the Bard.


Hangry Lunch Tote: For that friend who turns into an animal when you touch her avocado toast.


Breaking Bad Tee: For the Heisenberg in your life who used to be good until he realized it just didn’t pay.


As you can see, when it comes to gift-giving, we don’t discriminate. Nice is great, but Santa needs to rethink his stance on punishing those who don’t fall in line 100% of the time. Pouting, crying, being a diva, and living an unorthodox life does not warrant being gift-stiffed. Check yourself, Santa. Also, stop watching us sleep. It’s a little creepy.

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