Throw A Game Of Thrones Finale Party Worthy Of A Khaleesi

It happened too fast, but season seven of Game of Thrones is drawing to a close. While this penultimate season may have been shorter than usual, it offered everything from ice and snow to fire and blood. Gathering together to watch the finale is the perfect way to share your obsession. It’s also the perfect way to show off your hosting skills, but no pressure — you’re sure to be more welcoming than the Freys.

As Arya will be happy to remind you, guest right is sacred. Greet your guests with bread and salt and you don’t need to worry about the Rat King coming for revenge. Once welcomed in this traditional way, your guests can relax, knowing there’s no Red Wedding coming toward them… although who knows what fresh horrors this finale will hold.

If your friends can drink like Robert Baratheon, you’ll want plenty of Arbor gold and Dornish red on hand. Making your own labels for two buck chuck works fine, although if you’re not feeling crafty, Brewery Ommegang makes a series of Westeros-inspired brews, from Take The Black Stout to the new Bend The Knee Golden Ale. The bottles offer scenes from the show, but you can also opt for some glassware — not to be confused with dragonglassware, of course. If your friends aren’t drinkers, there’s always milk of the poppy or the Wildling drink of choice, sour goat’s milk. No matter what you’re drinking, don’t forget to protect your Painted Table with some GOT-inspired coasters.

The Internet is dark and full of incredible Thrones-inspired food, from Frey pies (minus their grim canon ingredients), to Theon-inspired sausage dishes. Deviled “dragon’s eggs” are a popular idea, as well as Sansa’s favorite lemon cakes. You don’t have to get Pinterest-crazy or find a Dothraki horse heart to serve up a fantastic feast, though. Medieval-inspired charcuterie plates on a rustic board fit the bill, where you can combine bread, cheese, and meats into one thematic tray. Throw in a chicken for the Hound or some handheld pasties inspired by Hot Pie and you’ve got a fitting feast for crows.

The Great Hall in the Red Keep has been updated aesthetically with each new dynasty. The Targaryens decorated with dragon skulls, with Baratheon imagery replacing it after Robert’s Rebellion, and Lannister colors being ushered in after that. Just as each new ruler redid the place, you can create your own King’s Landing look with just a few touches. Try hanging banners to represent your house sigil, or you could collect them all, moving between loyalties like Littlefinger. A well-placed map of the Seven Kingdoms will help make your viewing party look more like a war room, or set the scene with a window into the House of Black and White’s Hall of Faces. Whatever you do, make sure you light a ton of waxy candles, whose light will go a long way to recast your living room in true Thronesian style.

Don’t forget the most important piece of décor — the chair that everyone is fighting over in the first place. The Iron Throne can be one designated armchair, or even the toilet. All you need is some DIY skills! Cardboard cutouts, spray-painted black or silver, can help you create the illusion of the sword-forged throne. Once your throne is in place, all you need to do is put on some Ramin Djawadi and wait for those epic opening credits to begin.

That’s it! You don’t have to stage a whole Dothraki event — complete with dragon eggs, live snakes, and at least three deaths — to keep your finale party from being (as Illyrio Mopatis would say ) “a dull affair.”

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