Facts About “Grumpy Cat”: The Most Famous Internet Cat in History!

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Not since the debut of Garfield has pop culture fixated on a cat. 

After “Grumpy Cat” appeared on the Internet in mid-2012, cat lovers and trend spotters have fallen in love with this adorable, grumpy-appearing feline. Books, posters, clothing and merchandise have spawned from her devilish looks. Her frowns have generated a net worth of $1 million. 

We have compiled some fun facts about “Grumpy Cat” that you can read below. Learn more about the origins of this strangely captivating cat.

The Original “Grumpy Cat”

“Grumpy,” originally called “Tardar Sauce,” was born on April 4, 2012 in the city of Morristown, Arizona. Her original feline name was inspired due to two circumstances: (1) the cat bore an orange color as a kitten, reminiscent of tartar sauce, and (2) a disagreement with the owner’s young daughter caused the name to be fresh on the owner’s mind, thus the cat officially earned the name “Tardar Sauce.” When the owner’s brother posted a picture of “Tardar Sauce” on Reddit, the cat’s infamous frowns achieved notoriety and the nickname “Grumpy Cat” was born. These days the pet answers to “Grumpy” or “Tardar Sauce.”

What Kind of Cat is “Grumpy Cat”?

The breed of “Grumpy Cat” is most likely mixed. Even the owner takes guesses about the cat’s breed. Her mother is a calico but the father is unknown. Some fans theorize that “Grumpy Cat” carries Siamese genes and descends from Persian lineage, due to the features of her shortened face. The owner states that dwarfism, and an underbite, are responsible for the feline’s unique facial expressions. “Grumpy” has a sibling brother named “Pokey,” who possesses more of a grumpy personality, and she’s playful between the hours of 3am and 6am. 

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How Old is “Grumpy Cat”?

She is approaching two years old as of this year. During her short lifetime, “Grumpy” has gained fame and won The Friskies award—a ceremony that celebrates the best cat videos of the year. Humans rarely achieve such feats in a short period of time.

Whose Cat is “Grumpy Cat”?

Tabatha Bundeson owns the cat and brings her to various outings celebrating the grumpy-looking feline. Tabatha’s brother Bryan posted the original “Grumpy Cat” photo on Reddit; her daughter Crystal inspired the unique name “Tardar Sauce.” 

Where Can I Buy a “Grumpy Cat”?

That’s an excellent question. You might find a similar cat from pet stores, but we don’t know exactly. However, we can direct you to wonderful artwork and merchandise featuring cats, dogs, parrots and other pet animals

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