Congratulations Golden State Warriors!

2015 NBA Champions Golden State Warriors Post Game Photo

With 10 seconds left in the 4th quarter, Steph Curry looked at the audience and raised his hands–confident that the Cleveland Cavaliers could do little to overcome the ~10-point gap. The crowd immediately started to cheer. At the 3-second mark, Curry tossed the basketball into the air while his teammates rushed towards him to celebrate winning the 2015 NBA Championship.

Fans in the Oakland Oracle Arena watched Game 6 on giant video screens, and jumped out of their seats when victory became obvious. And the stadium crowd wasn’t alone–the entire San Francisco Bay Area region was celebrating the Golden State win.

2014-2015 proved to be one of the most dramatic seasons of the NBA. The Golden State Warriors were an underdog team that successfully made it to the playoffs and the Finals (with their rising star/MVP Stephen Curry, also known as Riley Curry’s father) and managed to overcome one of the toughest teams and players in the NBA–the Cavaliers and LeBron James. Even though the Cavs showed their talent and durability throughout the series, they ultimately fell short. 40 years after 1975, the Golden State Warriors were finally reunited with the NBA championship.

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2015 Finals Game 6 post-game victory photos with Steph Curry and Golden State Warriors


Golden State Warriors Cleveland Cavaliers 2015 NBA Finals Game 6 photos



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