Star-Lord’s Father Is…A Planet?

Star-Lord cardboard cutout lifesize standup image pic

Star-Lord Standup

Not just any planet…Ego the Living Planet! 

Astonishing Thor #1; Thor confronts Ego the living planet
Astonishing Thor No. 1: Ego by Mike Choi

Director James Gunn revealed the surprising fact at San Diego’s Comic-Con. According to the director:

“It was going to come out sooner or later, and I think one of the things I impressed upon people early on is the identity of Quill’s father is not the big stunner in this movie. I’m not leading it all to Darth Vader being Luke’s father in the third act reveal. This is really about the relationship between Star-Lord and his father, who happens to be a living planet, and his other father, Yondu, who is an abusive jerk. It’s about the dysfunctional family triad that those three characters have. That’s the center of the movie.”

Kurt Russell is tasked with portraying the humanoid form of Ego. It’s unclear right now how he will appear as a planet, but the folks at Marvel are busy making it happen. Gunn also hints at another story twist but he’s saving that detail for much later. At least we can look forward to having an interesting Guardians sequel.

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