Helpful Posters for Your High School Classroom

Posters for high school classrooms


Are you a teacher in need of interesting and inspiring posters for your classroom? Class is almost back in session and we have everything you need at Check out our list of top classroom posters.


Interested in getting students enthused about cell biology and anatomy? These scientific posters, and other wall art in our collection, present intricate views of the human body. You can also discover poster art describing biological processes, plant and animal physiology, and humorous scientific posters such as this Human Skeleton X-Ray—explore more posters about biology.

Muscle anatomy biology poster for classrooms

Muscular System Anatomical Chart

Skeletal System

Skeletal System

The Brain biology anatomy chart poster for classrooms

The Brain

The heart biology anatomy poster for classrooms

The Heart


You want to get students interested in mathematics. From simple concepts such as multiplication, to difficult subjects such as geometry and trigonometry, you will find posters that explains math for any classroom. If you want to lighten the mood for your math class, check out this funny Pi poster that will reinforce a few algebra concepts in a humorous way. Or browse more wall art about math standards.

Multiplication Table Education chart poster for classrooms

Multiplication Table Chart

2D and 3D geometry shapes math poster for classrooms

2D and 3D Shapes Chart

Metric units and measurement math poster for classrooms

Metric Units and Measurement

Trigonometry math poster for classrooms

Representative Trigonometry Functions Chart


Military photos, vintage propaganda posters and prints of classical fine art represent ways to interest students in the key moments of world history and U.S. history. Hang these posters in your classroom to make history come alive. Browse our fine selection of history wall art and find the right one for your room.

World War 2 Iwo Jima 1945 photo poster

Flag Raising on Iwo Jima c. 1945

Lunch Atop a Skyscraper in New York, 1932 Black and White photo poster by Charles C. Ebbets

Lunch Atop a Skyscraper

National Geographic Battles of the Civil War (laminated poster)

National Geographic Battles of the Civil War

Signing of the Constitution by Howard Chandler Christy

Signing of the Constitution


Students always need motivation. These inspiring quotes will keep their minds sharp, spirits refreshed and eager to tackle any assignments from you. Explore our collection of motivational wall art to find the perfect inspirational art for your class.

Michael Jordan motivational quote poster art for classrooms

Michael Jordan Motivation Quote

Nelson Mandela motivation quote about education poster

Nelson Mandela Education Quote

Believe in yourself motivation poster

Believe in Yourself Motivation Quote

Can't Copy anti-plagiarism education motivation poster

Can’t Copy


I can’t think of any student who looks forward to crafting a literature analysis essay. Lighten the mood in your English or literature classroom with these posters representing literary classics. We carry hundreds of posters and prints of common high school books such as The Great Gasby, Les Miserables, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Alice in Wonderland and other famous classic novels. Browse our Books gallery and discover a wall poster to hang in your class.

Les Miserables vintage advertisement literary poster for classrooms

Les Mierables Vintage Ad, 1886

Peter Rabbit literary Art print for classrooms

Beatrix Potter Tale Peter Rabbit

Alice in Wonderland and Cheshire Cat, literary poster for classrooms

Alice in Wonderland, Cheshire Cat

Huckleberry Finn 1885 book cover literature poster for classrooms

Huck Finn, 1885

English Grammar

Grammar is one of the most important skills for students to learn in school. Reinforce the concept with posters about punctuation, literary devices (similes, metaphors, personification, etc.), writing styles and other important subjects about the English language. Browse our collection of grammar posters today.

Top Misspelled English language words education poster for classrooms

Top Misspelled Words

Proper grammar punctuation poster for classrooms

Proper Grammar Punctuation

English grammar poster for classrooms

Purposeful Pauses

Common English language words poster for classrooms

Common Words


Want posters that explain chemistry concepts or you need to replace the Periodic Table of Elements already hanging in your classroom? Find wall art that helps students understand atoms, molecules, chemistry lab safety and the chemical make-up of popular foods. Decorate your chemistry class with the poster art in our chemistry gallery.

Periodic table of elements chemistry poster for classrooms

Periodic Table of Elements

Example of an Atom chemistry poster for classrooms

The Atom

3D Poster Illustration of Dna Components Functionally Compared to a Chain Link biology and chemistry poster for classrooms

3D Poster Illustration of Dna Components Functionally Compared to a Chain Link

19th century Chemistry equipment illustration sketch poster for chemistry classrooms

Chemistry Equipment 19th Century

Looking to find more education posters for your classroom? Click the link and browse hundreds of more to find the perfect artwork for your space.

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