11 Beautiful Images of Cherry Blossom Photos

Spring cherry blossoms cherry blossom photos

Spring Cherry Blossoms

April is the global period for the peak bloom of cherry blossom tree flowers. It’s the only season of the year in which you can witness the pink plants transform into impressive botanical sights. The most notorious patch of cherry blossoms is the Cherry Blossom Festival that occurs in Washington, D.C. every year. It symbolizes the friendship between the United States and Japan, starting in 1906. At the time, Department of Agriculture official David Fairchild imported 100 Japanese cherry trees and planted them in his garden. Since they grew well, the Japanese exported 2,000 more trees but the planting ended horrendously and President Taft ordered the trees destroyed in 1910. After the U.S. Secretary of State explained the situation to the Japanese, they shipped 3,000 more trees to the U.S. in 1912. Since then, planting of the cherry tree spread across the country. Beginning in 1935, festivals sprung up in different cities.

If you’re mesmerized by the beauty of Japanese cherry blossoms, you’ll appreciate this collection of beautiful blossom images. Browse the next set of pages and discover splendid cherry blossom photography.

Cherry Blossoms photo, Mishima Taisha Shrine, Shizuoka

Cherry Blossoms, Mishima Taisha Shrine, Shizuoka

Cherry blossoms photo of cherry blossom reflection on water

Cherry Blossoms with Reflection on Water

Wooden Bench under Cherry Blossom Tree, cherry blossom photos by Jay O Brien

Wooden Bench under Cherry Blossom Tree in Winterthur Gardens, Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Cherry Blossom countryside forest field, cherry blossom photos

Cherry Blossoms

Weeping Cherry Blossoms, Prunus Subhirtella Var. Pendula, cherry blossom photos by Darlyne A Murawski

Close Up of Weeping Cherry Blossoms, Prunus Subhirtella Var. Pendula

Japanese cherry blossom, cherry blossom photos by Kai Schwabe

Japanese Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossoms, cherry blossom photos

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry tree blossoms over rock garden in washington park portland oregon, cherry blossom photos by Janis Miglavs

Cherry Tree Blossoms Over Rock Garden in the Japanese Gardens, Washington Park, Portland, Oregon

Night photography of cherry blossoms and takada castle, cherry blossoms photo

Cherry Blossoms and Takada Castle

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Mount Fuji Cherry Blossoms in Yamanashi Japan, cherry blossom photos

Mt Fuji Cherry Blossoms Yamanashi Japan

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