Capturing The Cactus Trend

Forget about succulents and pineapple prints —  this year is all about the cactus. This prickly little friend is everywhere: in fashion, food, and celebrity homes. Across the blogosphere and all through your Instagram feed, the cactus is taking over.

Ever since Coachella began influencing the visuals of pop culture, the Southwest has crept back into the world of style. Solidified with the comeuppance of wicker and woven hangings, it was only a matter of time before the cactus became the star it was meant to be. The cactus is a playful image that calls to mind sun-filled vacations and sunglasses. Plus they’re easy to maintain, even for the millennials still barely accustomed to keeping themselves alive.

Whether you’re following accounts like Cactus Magazine or Australia’s Cactus Man, you can bring your daily cactus inspiration home in endless exciting ways. We have our own series of cactus art, t-shirts, and mugs which covers everything from pop art-inspired color blocking to lush nature photography. Bring the desert vibes to you with something from our spikey collection.










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