The Best Hightlights of LeBron James

Photo of LeBron James handling basketball, Cleveland Cavaliers uniform photo

LeBron James 2014-15 Spotlight Action

As LeBron James approaches his 30th birthday, he’s likely to be pondering the upward trajectory his basketball career and possible post-NBA plans. Will he utilize the same mental skillsets that are responsible for his basketball IQ and use them to construct his livelihood outside of the NBA? He already owns a marketing company (LRMR Management) that manages his partnerships and business relationships; he already enjoys lavish endorsements from the likes of Coca-Cola and Nike, who is producing his newest sneaker The LeBron 11; he owns a non-profit organization, the LeBron James Family Foundation

While he ponders his future, let’s review several of LeBron James’ highlights from his past—the games, slam dunks and playing skills that have defined his success on the basketball courts.

NBA basketball Game 5 image: miami heats versus boston celtics, lebron james dunk highlights picture, photo by Mike Ehrmann

Boston Celtics v Miami Heat – Game Five, Miami, FL – MAY 11: LeBron James

The 2011 play-off season marked a turning point for the struggling Miami Heat. What started as a 16-0 run, with the Heat on the verge of defeat, was reversed and ended with the Celtics losing Game 5 and getting tossed out of the playoffs. LeBron shot threes throughout the game and his prolific dunks stabilized the team’s score. But his final breakaway dunk and layup in the final seconds of the game proved pivotal and helped Miami overcome Boston. 

Photo of Lebron James blocks Tiago Splitter dunk, photo taken on June 9 in Miami, Florida

Miami, FL – JUNE 9 LeBron James and Tiago Splitter

Game 2 of the Championship Finals—on June 9, 2013 the Miami Heat held a slight advantage over the San Antonio Spurs earlier in the game but started to lose their opportunity by the fourth quarter. Enter LeBron! After his re-entrance, he helped the team score major points against the Spurs. At 8:20, Tiago Splitter attempted a dunk. But LeBron skillfully blocked the attempt and knocked the ball from his hand! This dunk-block caught members of the sports media by surprise since it was a rarity in the season. It was later nominated as one of the best rejections of the season by Yahoo! Sports. His efforts impacted the Heat score of 103-84 against the Spurts.

Photo of Kevin Durant taking a shot against LeBron James blocking, January 29 2014, Oklahoma City Thunder vs Miami Heats, photo by Issac Baldizon

Jan 29, 2014, Oklahoma City Thunder vs Miami Heat – Kevin Durant, LeBron James

The sports media constantly bragged about the rivalry between LeBron James and Kevin Durant. Historically, James always outshined Durant when they clashed but this day resulted differently. Although LeBron scored more points than Durant, the team ultimately lost against the Thunders 112-95. Critics noted the lackluster performance of the entire Heat team that evening. Durant even managed to break James’ ankles during a crossover. However, LeBron James was still in the running to receive the season’s MVP accolade.

Photo of LeBron James dunking against Wilson Chandler, Miami Heat vs New York Knicks, photo by Al Bello

Miami Heat v New York Knicks: LeBron James and Wilson Chandler

By the time the Miami Heat and New York Knicks met at Madison Square Garden on December 17, 2010, tension was already brimming. LeBron James previously declined an offer to play for the Knicks and New Yorkers displayed their displeasure by hissing and booing him during the singing of the national anthem. LeBron deflected the negativity and assisted his team with a jarring 113-91 victory against New York, while scoring 32 points during the game. He silenced the crowd as he made a total of 11 rebounds and 10 assists. Sports commentators conceded that the Knicks’ chances of defeating Miami was nil. The experts were proven correct: Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, Miami Heat teammates, each scored 26 points during the game. 

LeBron James Miami Heat NBA basketball sports collage poster artwork

LeBron James Collage Miami Heat NBA Sports Poster

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