Make World Peace Day Every Day

Today is International Day of Peace, aka World Peace Day. While we LOVE that there’s an official day on a calendar of THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-FIVE that is dedicated to the global celebration of kindness, compassion and non-aggression—let’s be real—that’s not enough. This world is in dire need of a serious peace movement.

So, consider this a “call to arms.” Join us as we lead a charge to bring more peace into the world—every single day—not just on September 21st.


Think Globally, Act Locally

What can you do today? You can smile at people on the street for no reason. You can buy a coffee for the person behind you in line at Starbucks. You can get the paper for your elderly neighbor. You can spread the love and share this post with friends and loved-ones. You can take five minutes to meditate on what you’re grateful for. You can write your congressman and get more involved in peaceful politics. There’s only one rule of engagement when it comes to joining our army: act from a place of peace.


Push Peace
You don’t need equipment to be a peace soldier in our army of good, but it can strengthen your message and visually reinforce your commitment to the cause. To make this fun, we’ve gathered up some entertaining ways to help you promote your peaceful agenda, every single day.


You can stick it: Apply peel and stick peace decals to the walls of your home, business, classroom or office.


You can pick it: Show your friends what’s up at your next bonfire jam session with these tie-die print peace symbol guitar picks.


You can hang it: Line your walls with posters that literally and figuratively promote a peaceful easy feeling.


You can wear it: Slip on your “coat of arms” and take your peace project mobile.


You can sip it: Drink your Matcha or green tea from a bold vessel of peace.



You can nuzzle it: Rest your head on this Gandhi pillow and contemplate being the change you wish to see in the world.



The peaceful possibilities are endless. Go forward and celebrate World Peace Day in your own unique way. But, to really make a difference, make spreading love, kindness and compassion a fun part of your everyday life.


Peace out.


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