Michael Jordan Dunks: Our Collection of his Greatest Moments

Michael Jordan highlights basketball photo portrait poster

Michael Jordan 2011 Portrait Plus

Who is Michael Jordan? He’s only the greatest basketball player of all time (according to the NBA)! Since a young age, he exemplified predestined talent for succeeding as a basketball player although very few would’ve imagined his legendary achievements. In college, he led the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill basketball team and his team won the NCAA Division I championships in 1982. And later singled out as the NCAA College Player of the Year in 1983 and 1984. As a member of the 1984 U.S. Olympic basketball team, his team won the gold at the games that year. And he helped the American team bring home the gold medal in the 1992 Olympic Games in Spain. During his time in the NBA, he earned five regular-season MVP awards and three All-Star MVP awards, along with a Rookie of the Year Award. Chicago Bulls number 23 became so synonymous with Michael Jordan that a decision was reached to forever retire the roster number. His “Air Jordans” sneaker line with Nike, along with his endorsement of Hanes brand, transformed him into an overnight millionaire sensation.

Here’s your chance to relive moments of the greatest dunks achieved by Michael Jordan. Browse the next set of pages and discover, or re-discover, why the world fell in love with legendary basketball phenom. 

Michael Jordan attempted dunk, 1990, dunk photo poster of michael jordan

Michael Jordan 1990 Spotlight Action

Michael Jordan 1987 slam dunk contest photo poster

Michael Jordan 1987 Slam Dunk Contest Action

Michael Jordan slam dunk against the Lakers, dunk photo poster

Michael Jordan Action

Michael Jordan dunk photo poster of 1994-1995 season

Michael Jordan 1994-95 Action

Michael Jordan dunking in a basketball game, dunk photo poster of 1994-1995 season

Michael Jordan 1994-95 Action

Michael Jordan dunking, basketball photo poster of 1997-1998 season

Michael Jordan 1997-98 Action

Michael Jordan 1988 dunk, NBA slam dunk contest photo poster

Michael Jordan 1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contest Action

Michael Jordan triumphant slam dunk photo poster of 1996-1997 NBA season

Michael Jordan 1996-97 Action

Michael Jordan fist salute photo poster of 1994-1995 NBA season

Michael Jordan 1994-95 Action

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