Did the Moon ‘Whistle’ in 1969?

Apollo 11 Lunar Module photo poster

Apollo 11 Lunar Module

A four decade secret was uncovered from within NASA’s archives: Apollo 10 astronauts whom encountered “weird music” while they orbited the dark side of the moon. The crew—Eugene Cernan, Tom Stafford and John Young—each described hearing unexpected noises while they were momentarily disconnected from NASA HQ. When their spacecraft hovered around the other side of the lunar body, each team member heard the chilling whistle sound. One of them called it outer space music.

After an hour it stopped.

NASA transcribed the tapes, but for unknown reasons the agency decided to classify the matter and bury them within its archives. The Apollo 10 space crew weren’t allowed to discuss the matter with the public and remained silent for years. But after the 2008 discovery of the recording, plus recent announcements of a documentary for the Science Channel, the astronauts have been more candid about the experience which occurred almost 40 years ago.

NASA Eugene Cernan on Moon Apollo 17

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The phenomenon also baffles experts. A recording by the Cassini probe reveals similar noises but the causes for those sounds are known. Charged particles passing through Saturn’s magnetic environment creates the noises which are picked up by the spacecraft. However the moon doesn’t contain an atmosphere or magnetic field, so there isn’t an explanation for the lunar sounds.

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