Life Is Like A Camera: Motivational Posters To Inspire You

Life is Like A Camera motivational words postal art

“Life is Like a Camera” Poster

Cameras are the perfect metaphors for life. If you’re feeling sad, lazy or doubtful this poster and others like it provide the ideal uplift for your mood.

Focus on What’s Important

Today is the Day motivational words poster


You only have two hands, two eyes, one brain and 24 hours per day – use those wisely.

Capture the Good Times

YOLO: You only live once, motivational words poster


You must keep your eyes open because some moments don’t happen again.

Develop From Negatives

Fortune favors the bold motivational words with lion silhouette icon


Have the courage to turn a negative situation into a positive outcome.

Take Another Shot

You miss the shots you don't take motivational words about trying


At least try. 

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