8 Amazingly Nostalgic Pokémon Gifts for the Ultimate Fan

Pokemon hat merchandise

This year is the 20th anniversary of the popular animé phenomenon known as Pokémon. What started as a fun video game for Nintendo Game Boy in 1996 morphed into a global craze that now includes a cartoon series, movies, figures, apparel and worldwide tournaments (one of them being Pokemon World).

Feeling nostalgic? In need to of something to satisfy the lack of adorable Pokémon in your life currently? We’ve got you.

These products will make any Pikachu or Poké fan happy. As they say, gotta catch ’em all!


Pikachu Big Face Laplander Beanie

Pokemon merchandise Pikachu big face laplander yellow beanie with pokeballs

Pokémon Sublimated Cap

Pokemon merchandise sublimated cap of all Pokemon characters lineup


Pikachu Leather Wallet

Pokemon merchandise Pikachu happy face yellow leather wallet

Big Face Pikachu W/ Ears Hat

Pokemon merchandise Pikachu big face with ears hat

Pikachu Grid Japanese T-Shirt

Pokemon merchandise Pikachu grid Japanese t-shirt

Pokémon Poster – Mega Character Lineup

Pokemon merchandise Poster Mega Character lineup heroes and villains

Pikachu Big Peel & Stick Wall Decals

Pokemon merchandise Pikachu and pokeballs (giant and small) peel and stick wall decals, 18x40 inches


Groudon v Kyogre (Ruby & Sapphire Versions)

Pokemon merchandise Groudon vs Kyogre poster Ruby and Sapphire video game versions

In the mood for more Pokémon merchandise? AllPosters.com has the Poké stuff you’re into. T-shirts, posters, novelties and other animé items are available online now.



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