Public Service Announcement: Beware of Movie Memory Loss!


Let’s be honest. You may have seen every action thriller or sci-fi flick out there, but that doesn’t mean you’ll remember each and every epic scene. Do you really want to forget the frigid chill you felt the first time Jaws showed off his pearly whites?

Don’t fall victim to movie memory loss!

We’ve rounded up our top favorite movie posters depicting unforgettable scenes so you can reminisce over the moments that made you shriek in suspense, fear and delight.

 Godzilla Roar movie poster from

 For sci-fi fanatics: Godzilla Movie Posters

How would you imagine stopping a giant lizard from turning your city into cement rubble? For over 60 years, many different iterations (and copycats :P) of Godzilla have been produced. This creature has terrorized America and Japan with its fire-breathing nostrils and appetite for destruction, but has also played hero at certain times. Relive the scary moments with more of our Godzilla posters

Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa in Rocky II (2) sports boxing poster from

For the hero in all of us: Rocky Movie Posters

Never underestimate an underdog! Since the 1970s, the character of Rocky Balboa continues to inspire people to get stronger and punch their obstacles. Because you never know how far in life you can travel if you surrender. Find more motivational Rocky movie posters

Jaws movie poster from

For those who love suspense: Jaws Movie Posters

Jaws was the movie that exemplified our fear of scary sharks. Imagine one of the fiercest predators of the ocean sneaking behind and swimming towards you, while you frantically splash your legs and push your body forward to avoid being the animal’s gourmet dinner of the day. Remember the best moments of this iconic film with our Jaws movie posters.

James Bond: A View to Kill movie poster from

For 007s around the globe: James Bond Movie Posters

Who dares to tangle with the best spy on the planet? Countless villains have tried and failed to outwit this master of gadgets. He can even climb bridges without a problem! Recapture the best moments of the oldest spy trilogy in the world. Find James Bond movie posters today!

Star Wars trilogy, Darth Vader sci-fi movie poster from

For die-hard fans: Star Wars Movie Posters

Travel back to a galaxy far, far away. Where half-planet behemoths could decimate entire worlds; people could move objects by using the Force; warriors called the Jedi wielded light-sabers to fight against the Sith. Memorialize the iconic moments of this film with our Star Wars movie posters.

Now, go on and show off your fan-hood like the film fanatic that you are!

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