Ryan Gosling Rescues A Puppy

Ryan Gosling photo during the premiere of The Place Beyond on the Pines

Ryan Gosling, “The Place Beyond on the Pines” photo shoot poster

Ryan Gosling is a real-life gentleman and super-hero!

This past weekend, him and Eva Mendes traveled to Palm Springs, California to celebrate her 42nd birthday with a four-day vacation getaway. While driving along a road, a dog wandered into the middle of traffic. Gosling swerved to avoid hitting the animal and pulled over to the side of the street. The actor quickly dashed out of his seat, rescued the pooch and then returned the pet to its owner. Nearby photographers witnessed the moment and reported it to media outlets.

The animal rescue situation only adds to the allure of Ryan Gosling. His appearances at the 2016 Golden Globes and the Oscars delighted many of his fans. Who knows where Gosling will shine next.


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