This School Year, Be Unapologetically You

Average is boring, and you are definitely not boring. You are unique and amazing and it’s time to head into the new school year expressing all the ways that make you you. Be #SavageNotAverage. Take chances, express yourself, surprise people, and be a badass doing it.


Be a badass

There’s no time for apologies. You’re unapologetically you. Be the next Bowie, Madonna, or Rihanna. Clap back when needed. But don’t be mean. In fact, stand up for others when you see bullying. Now that’s badass. And the world loves a good badass.

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Take chances

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky once said “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” So take every shot. Do the things you’re usually This applies as school, too. They’re not going to be your date to the dance if you don’t ask. And you’ll never be class president if you don’t run.


Express yourself

Don’t go for second best, baby. One of the biggest life regrets people have is that “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” Well, there’s no time like the present. Yeah, this can mean dressing the way you want. But expression is even bigger than that. Start a band (any kind – see: next section) or a YouTube channel. Your point of view is as good as any popular instagrammer.


Surprise people

What do you absolutely LOVE that nobody would guess? Secretly listen to Metallica while you study? Show it off. Take your love for it to school (or to that YouTube channel you’re starting). And maybe you’ll inspire others to surprise you.


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What makes you you? Maybe it’s a fun hobby, or a interesting point of view, or even a great story that defines a moment in your life. Share a pic on social media with #SavageNotAverage and tag @AllPosters to show us.


Cheers to an amazing new school year!

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  1. Well I am not a student, although it has’nt been long since I quit being one. I completed seven year long vocational correspondence courses in ten years with Stratford Career Institute. The last one of which was called Private Investigator, and I completed it with a 99% overall average . I’ve always been a rebel at heart and am now growing long hair and am trying to bring back the hippie movement, simply because we need more love and peace in this nation. I’m also an interfaith minister and am 54 years old. I appreciate the offer of your “Back to school” shopping spree, but I’d feel too bad if I took it away from some young pup college student who didn’t own much more than the clothes on his back. I may live in a small studio but have 36 prints and posters on my walls (most of which came from All and more clothes and various sundries than I know what to do with (but was once a young pup without much and hoped to someday have more). Thankyou.

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