Shaquille O’ Neal & Allen Iverson Inducted into Hall of Fame

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Two other basketball celebrities will join Yao Ming as Hall of Fame inductees: Shaquille O’ Neal and Allen Iverson. 

Allen Iverson dribbling the basketball during a game during the 2006-07 season as 76ers team member.
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Allen Iverson began his career with the Philadelphia 76ers. He was the first overall pick in 1996 and received Rookie of the Year Award during the 1996-97 season. Despite his “small” stature at 6 feet 0 inches, he averaged 26.7 points per game and ranked 6th all-time greatest scorer in the NBA. His playoff scoring average was second only to Michael Jordan. Other notable achievements included:

  • MVP Award (2001)
  • 11x NBA All-Star
  • 4× NBA scoring champion (1999, 2001–2002, 2005)
Shaquille dunking in the basketball net as L.A. Laker team member.
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Shaquille O’Neal started with the Orlando Magic in 1992 and played for various NBA teams. The full roster included: Miami Heat, L.A. Lakers, Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics. He achieved the following accomplishments:

  • 4× NBA champion (2000, 2001, 2002, 2006)
  • 15× NBA All-Star (1993–1998, 2000–2007, 2009)
  • MVP Award (2000)
  • 2× NBA scoring champion (1995, 2000)

Congratulations to all of these basketball phenoms!

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